Indigenous natural resource management in northern Australia

Indigenous people have a major stake in the sustainable management of northern Australia’s terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

The Challenge

Acknowledging Indigenous rights and interests

Across Australia, Indigenous people are increasingly involved in land and resource management in an effort to integrate Indigenous rights and interests into policy and program management, and in contributing ecological knowledge to solving environmental problems.

Indigenous community-based natural resource management is now one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia’s environmental management system.

In northern Australia, Indigenous people have a major part to play in the sustainable management of the region’s terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Their stake derives from the very large size of the northern land base under Indigenous ownership and management, the religious beliefs that underpin customary attachment to land and a body of environmental knowledge accumulated over hundreds of generations of actively caring for country.

Our Response

Working with Indigenous communities across the north

CSIRO is engaged in strong partnerships with a number of Indigenous communities across the north.

In these project collaborations that span research topics as diverse as fire management, biodiversity monitoring, aquatic conservation, and marine planning; researchers, Land Councils, local Aboriginal Ranger groups and government partners are exchanging knowledge and developing innovative solutions to identified environmental problems.

Case studies


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