Environmental and industrial biotechnology

Our researchers are looking to the natural world to find inspiration for bio-based technologies that provide new tools for a range of industries, including agriculture, water and wastewater treatment, chemical manufacture, and mining.

  • Bioprocesses for sustainable resource management

    We’re developing innovative bio-based processes and environmental engineering solutions for urban, industrial and environmental settings to reduce biofouling, biocorrosion and other problems caused by microbes.

  • Biological catalysts for sustainable industries

    We’re harnessing the efficiency of natural enzymes to replace unsustainable production processes with cleaner, greener technologies by for a variety of bio-based industrial, agricultural and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Understanding metabolic processes

    We’re investigating the metabolic changes in organisms that are caused by changes to the environment, disease and environmental stress, and changes caused by metabolic engineering and as a consequence of synthetic biology.


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