A joint research centre between Australia and China, and involving CSIRO, aims put the international spotlight on water efficiency, food security and environmental sustainability.

CSIRO's Land and Water Flagship, with the University of Melbourne is part of the Australia-China Joint Research Centre on River Basin Management (Water Resources and Water Quality).

This joint research centre gives both countries new capacities to address national priorities for water resources management and build technical capacity in water catchment management, water productivity, environmental and rural community sustainability.

Importantly, the Centre will allow Australian and Chinese researchers to:

  • develop and transfer solutions for water catchment management, creating improved economic gains while protecting water ecosystems
  • build on and exchange findings from river basin research in both countries
  • showcase robust technologies for improving water use efficiency and water quality
  • forge enduring partnerships between science, innovation and industry.

This joint research centre provides new capacities to address national priorities for water resources management.

The Centre was one of six recently announced Joint Research Centres co-funded by both the Australian and Chinese governments as part of the Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF).

The Centre is led by the University of Melbourne and draws on expertise from across Australia, including the CSIRO, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and the University of Technology Sydney.

In China, the Centre is supported by ten partners including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Water Resources and Tsinghua University.

CSIRO has partnered with China both as a development partner and for science of mutual interest for nearly 40 years.

This new initiative allows CSIRO to enhance our existing relationships with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Water Resources and build on new relationships with organisations such as the China Three Gorges Corporation, the Yellow River Conservation Committee and the World Bank.

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