Landscape management

Investigating issues associated with sustainable food and fibre production, forestry and agroforestry, including bushfire management, greenhouse science, earth observation and catchment management.

  • Forests in the landscape

    We're developing strategies for keeping Australia's forests productive and healthy into the future, so that they continue to provide us with a range of products and services like timber, habitat and clean water. This research contributes to carbon sequestration and forest sustainability.

  • Understanding and managing bushfires

    Our bushfire research is improving the understanding of fire, and improving technologies and strategies to save lives and limit damage.

  • Livestock logistics

    Northern Australia’s beef herd comprises 12.5 million cattle and makes up 90 per cent of Australia’s live cattle exports. CSIRO has developed a series of tools to help improve the efficiency of the transport that keeps this industry moving.

  • Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture

    We have a strategic alliance with James Cook University (JCU) known as the Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture (TLJV) to facilitate collaborative research between our two world-class organisations.


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