Resilient cities of the 21st century

Our research is helping to shape resilient cities for the 21st century. We look at the way our cities use resources and interact with the environment to provide decision makers with solutions and alternatives for an uncertain future.

  • Urban innovation

    Systems-based research, bringing together capability in engineering, information technology, hydrology, and social and economic sciences, to help shape the development of adaptive, resilient, liveable cities of the 21st century.

  • Alternative water supplies for cities

    Our research into resilient water systems is supporting Australian cities to produce high quality water from wastewater, stormwater and roof water sources.

  • Establishing a national agenda for urban green infrastructure

    We have collaborated with urban researchers and practitioners to set a national research agenda for green infrastructure in our cities.

  • 21st century urban challenges

    Our research is equipping Australian cities with the information they need to remain sustainable, liveable and resilient in the 21st century.

  • Adapting cities and coasts for climate change

    We are developing planning, design and management solutions to help Australia’s cities and coasts adapt to a changing climate.

  • Sustainable and resilient urban infrastructure for ‘edge-of-grid’ development

    The Urban Edge Partnership (UEP) is a strategic research collaboration between CSIRO and the property sector, exploring the role of 'greenfield development' in catalysing innovation in urban design, critical infrastructure and essential services.

  • Energy in cities

    We are mapping and modelling energy use and creating innovative new tools to manage consumption in homes, businesses and across cities.


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