Social and economic systems

Our research helps understand the complex interaction of social, economic and environmental factors to enable more informed decision-making, planning, governance and engagement processes.

  • Adaptive social and economic systems

    We're enabling transformational change through effective social and economic science. We examine the human dimension of sustainablity and the interface between environmental, social and economic systems to deliver a sustainable future.

  • Behavioural economics

    Our Behavioural Economics team uses scientific evidence of the 'predictable irrationalities' in human decision-making and behaviour to solve pressing social and economic problems.

  • Climate change responses: social and economic research

    We research the human response to climate change and the social and economic factors that need to be considered in adapting to a changing climate.

  • Innovation and adaptation in livelihood development

    Our social and economic work is helping communities in Australia and overseas to adapt their livelihoods for the future. In particular, we are helping developing economies address challenges such as water security, sustainable agriculture and climate adaptation.

  • Ecology and natural resource management

    Our research looks at the links between social, economic and environmental systems, and the design and assessment of governance strategies for these interdependent systems.

  • Resources sector: social and economic impacts

    Looking at the social and economic impacts of resource development in Australia and internationally.


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