Innovation and adaptation in livelihood development

Our social and economic work is helping communities in Australia and overseas to adapt their livelihoods for the future. In particular, we are helping developing economies address challenges such as water security, sustainable agriculture and climate adaptation.

  • Livelihood futures in the Torres Strait Islands

    The islands of the Torres Strait are facing rapid changes, such as sea level rise and the impacts of development in neighbouring Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. This project helps residents to plan for these changes in a way that fits their culture and will bring benefits under all possible scenarios.

  • Australia-Indonesia Foresighting Project

    Indonesia and Australia are working together to prepare for 2030 and beyond.

  • Livelihood futures in Papua New Guinea

    We worked with local communities, non-government organisations and government groups in Papua New Guinea to develop a collaborative decision-making framework informed by CSIRO science.

  • Supporting local management of threatened Torres Strait fisheries

    Rise in global demand for marine products, new fishing technology, pollution, population stress and climate change are disrupting Torres Strait fisheries and significantly impacting on people's livelihoods.

  • DFAT-CSIRO Research for Development Alliance

    The DFAT-CSIRO Research for Development Alliance was a strategic partnership that aimed to improve the impact of aid. The Alliance united DFAT's depth of experience in development assistance with CSIRO’s strength in research into complex problems that cross scales and sectors.


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