Australian manufacturing is changing focus from heavy industry to high tech products based on sustainable, advanced manufacturing processes. Our science and engineering skills, equipment and international connections are helping Australian manufacturers be globally competitive.

Our research

  • Biomedical manufacturing

    We work with biomedical companies to deliver new medical treatments and technologies that benefit millions of people in Australia and overseas, helping them live longer, healthier and more productive lives.

  • Chemicals and fibres

    Drawing on our extensive expertise in chemical and fibre research, we are supporting the long term competitiveness of Australia’s cotton, carbon fibre and chemical industries.

  • High performance metals

    We help organisations capture opportunities in the face of a changing manufacturing industry, through innovative sustainable processes and high performance alloys and technology solutions.

  • Industrial innovation

    We support the uptake of transformational technology in Australia’s manufacturing industry through the development of advanced manufactured devices, integrated systems and new business models.

  • Do business with Manufacturing

    We partner with industry to develop innovative products and processes that allow Australian manufacturers to be globally competitive and environmentally sustainable.

  • People

    Want to talk to us? Here are the key science and business contacts in Manufacturing.