Materials for industry and environment

We conceive, design and apply advanced materials for use across a broad range of industries, boosting productivity, sustainability and environmental outcomes.

  • Efficient energy production and capture

    We're creating innovative new material-based solutions to reduce carbon emissions, efficiently store and separate gases and improve industry productivity.

  • Developing tools for sustainable farming

    We're applying chemistry and biotechnology to shape a more sustainable, resource-efficient agricultural sector.

  • Improving coatings and surfaces

    We're developing sustainable high-performance coating and adhesion technologies to assist the aerospace, building construction, coating, packaging, energy and mining industries.

  • High performance and sustainable composites

    We're developing high performance composite materials that are more environmentally-friendly, robust and cost-effective.

  • Understanding nanotechnology

    Nanotechnologies have the potential to offer a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits. We’re committed to capturing these benefits in a safe and socially responsible way.

  • Exploring nanoscience virtually

    We're using virtual technologies to increase our understanding of structure and property relationships at the nanoscale.


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