Improving coatings and surfaces

We're developing sustainable high-performance coating and adhesion technologies to assist the aerospace, building construction, coating, packaging, energy and mining industries.

The Challenge

Multi-functional and sustainable solutions

Australian manufacturing industries need new coating and surface materials and technologies to meet multi-functional high performance standards and sustainability requirements.

Our Response

Multiple solutions for a range of issues

Through our research we're adding value to Australian manufacturing and improving productivity. 

Partnering with industry, we are developing specialised coatings and smart polymers to protect a variety of surfaces. 

Our solutions can address a range of problems, such as corrosion, for the aerospace, building construction, coating, packaging, energy and mining industries.

This work is leading to more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly coatings and surfaces that meet industry requirements.

Case studies

  • Multi-nozzle aerosol spray system expands applications

    We developed a multi-nozzle aerosol spray system that allows for the full control of released particles, maximising its use for industrial applications.

  • Cactus membranes address prickly problem

    A new type of membrane, inspired by the cactus plant, could significantly boost fuel cell performance.

  • Fire-resistant cable technology

    We helped develop a plastic cable coating that transforms into a fireproof ceramic in a blaze, protecting electrical circuits for alarms, pumps and fans vital for safe evacuation and firefighting.

  • Harnessing the power of plasma processing

    We are improving the efficiency and functionality of manufacturing by harnessing plasma processing for tailored materials, coatings and surface treatments.

  • Thin film coating technologies

    We’re combining the precision of surface engineering technologies with our coating expertise to develop techniques for depositing thin films of multifunctional nanostructured materials.

  • Spray-on topcoat for aircraft

    Our cost-effective topcoat technology is reducing environmental impact and improving worker safety in the aviation industry.

  • Zero waste powder coating

    We have developed a powder coating system for plastic that's emission free and environmentally sustainable.


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