We are improving the efficiency and functionality of manufacturing by harnessing plasma processing for tailored materials, coatings and surface treatments.

The challenge

Realising the power of plasma

Plasma processing allows us to easily modify the chemical and structural properties of a wide range of materials. This means materials, coatings and surface treatments can be produced in a fast, efficient, economic and scalable way.

Dr Christophe Comte & Dr Avi Bendavid investigating the gold coated cavity optics used in the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is removed from the thin film deposition system.

Plasma processing allows us to easily modify the chemical and structural properties of a wide range of materials.  ©

This processing technique presents significant opportunities.

Plasma processing can be applied to a diverse range of applications and industries, ranging from renewable energy, chemical catalysis and energy storage, to nutrition, agriculture and biomedical devices.

Our response

Applying plasma processing to commercial applications

With over thirty years of experience in plasma processing, we have applied our methods to a wide range of commercial applications, including low-friction coatings on scientific and sporting equipment and anti-bacterial coatings.

The results

Harnessing plasma potential across industry

We're now harnessing plasma-assisted processing across three major areas:

  • Materials: The ability to readily modify the plasma and processing conditions allows us to fabricate nanoscale inorganic and organic materials.
  • Coatings: Vacuum-based plasma treatments allow the deposition of high-quality thin films with tailored mechanical, structural and optical properties.
  • Surface treatments: By applying plasma treatments to surface, including biological materials such as foods or seed, surface chemistry can be readily tailored to introduce new functionality and remove organic coatings or impurities 

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