Industrial innovation

We support the uptake of transformational technology in Australia’s manufacturing industry through the development of advanced manufactured devices, integrated systems and new business models.

  • Advancing chemiresistor sensors

    We’re working with chemiresistor sensors that have potential applications in improving health care, environmental monitoring, national security and mining.

  • Creating new industrial prototypes

    Our work aims to improve the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of manufacturers by enabling rapid transitioning of low and high tech concepts towards industry-ready prototypes.

  • Developing flexible electronics of the future

    We're developing the electronics of the 21st century - those that can be used on a flexible surfaces like plastic, giving way to a whole host of new and exciting products.

  • Driving digital adoption

    We are working to transition manufacturers towards ICT-enabled systems that provide safety, efficiency and productivity gains through automated signal processing, data management and assistive-robotic solutions.

  • Exploring new ways to use superconductivity

    Our advanced superconducting detection sensors are tackling a range of challenges from minerals exploration through to health and safety in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Manipulating fluid flows to create better devices

    We’re investigating how fluid flows can be manipulated to develop better devices and processes for chemistry, biology and energy applications.

  • Reducing waste through ASPIRE

    Advisory System for Processing, Innovation & Resource Exchange (ASPIRE) is a 'proof of concept' project that has been developed in response to manufacturing companies talking to their local councils about waste disposal costs, particularly those associated with increasing landfill levies.

  • Sensors and devices mimicking nature

    Drawing inspiration from nature, we're designing sensors and devices that mimic biological systems providing insights into the health of people and the environment.

  • Speeding up design through computational modelling

    Our work aims to improve the functionality, efficiency and design of manufacturing systems, processes and equipment through realistic computer modelling and simulations.


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