Speeding up design through computational modelling

Our work aims to improve the functionality, efficiency and design of manufacturing systems, processes and equipment through realistic computer modelling and simulations.

The Challenge

Gaining a realistic picture of operations

Advanced computer modelling can provide a realistic picture of the operation of processes, systems and equipment used in manufacturing.

This provides insights into:

  • functionality – the underlying mechanical and physical processes can be understood and optimised
  • efficiency – different stages of a process, or components of equipment can be assessed
  • design – modified designs of a system can be simulated, leading to improved functionality and efficiency and reduced costs, resulting in costly experimental tests being able to be replaced by 'virtual' trials on a computer.

Collectively, these components allow manufacturing processes, instruments and machinery to be better understood and to be optimised in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Our Response

Customised modelling solutions for manufacturers

We provide tailored computational modelling solutions to manufacturers across all major industries.

We have expertise across several modelling platforms, including computational fluid dynamics, smooth particle hydrodynamics, finite element analysis and discrete element methods.

Coupled with our proprietary software packages, this allows us to provide reliable, detailed and customised modelling solutions that are tailored towards a manufacturer's requirements.

Case studies

  • A new solution for arc welding

    Our computational model runs on a standard desktop computer, and predicts weld depth and geometry, helping to bring down costs for arc welding.

  • Generating data for thermal plasma processes

    We can provide thermodynamic and transport properties for just about any plasma composition, helping industry and researchers to develop reliable computational models.


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