Developing high speed electric machines

We are improving the efficiency, functionality and productivity of manufacturers by developing energy efficient, high speed and ICT-integrated instrumentation and electric machines.

The Challenge

Improving performance for sustainable production

Introducing energy efficient electric machines and high speed instrumentation could boost sustainable production across a range of industries.

The ability to improve the performance of these machines, will be a key driver in ensuring global competitiveness of local manufacturers.

Our Response

Developing integrated high speed instrumentation and machines

Our experience in integrated sensors, high speed data processing, ICT, integrated electro-magnetic systems, electronics and mechatronics, means we can modify or develop integrated high speed instrumentation and energy efficient electric machines suitable for a range of industries.

The Results

Electric machines helping industry

Working with our partners, we have already developed energy efficient in-wheel motors, drive drains, permanent magnet motors, control and power electronics, high-speed optical sensor systems, high-speed x-ray detectors and various other instruments and machines that are commercialised around the world.


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