Creating new industrial prototypes

Our work aims to improve the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of manufacturers by enabling rapid transitioning of low and high tech concepts towards industry-ready prototypes.

The Challenge

Helping companies rapidly accelerate development

Demonstrating a concept's functionality through a working prototype is a critical step in developing and assessing its suitability for emerging and existing markets.

The ability to rapidly undergo this prototyping allows successful concepts to be realised very quickly.

The speed of this innovation provides a significant competitive advantage for businesses in today’s world.

At CSIRO, we can complement a company’s existing capabilities to rapidly accelerate this early stage development across all manufacturing sectors.

Our Response

Developing prototypes, 3D widgets and fully integrated systems

We have a long history of translating concepts into real-world solutions.

These successes have improved the agility of our concept translation and allowed us to develop expertise across various material classes, existing and emerging technologies, engineering types and production processes. 

Working across a variety of manufacturing sectors, we have helped companies develop prototypes as simple as small-scale 3D printed widgets to highly complex, fully integrated systems with tailored detection capabilities.

Case studies

  • OLEDs: A bright future for lighting

    Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are an emerging technology that deliver bright, thin, highly efficient displays with excellent colour purity. They work by taking an organic material, either small molecules or polymers, and sandwiching them between two electrodes.

  • Cracking the case on road monitoring

    Our RoadCrack imaging technology automates the task of surveying the nation’s roads with a capacity to detect cracks one millimetre wide from beneath the chassis of a moving vehicle.

  • Safe-T-Cam

    Safe-T-Cam technology is helping keep Australia’s roads safe.


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