Mineral Resources

Working closely with industry partners, we deliver innovation to grow Australia's resource base, increase productivity and drive environmental performance.

Our research

  • Mineral discovery and exploration

    Cost effective exploration and discovery of new mineral resources is being realised through advances and expertise in detection technologies, mineral systems, resource characterisation and data analysis.

  • Processing Australian ores

    We deliver new processing options and efficiencies for Australian ores through focused effort and expertise in base and precious metals, light and strategic metals and the design and opitimisation of processes.

  • Intelligent mining

    Application of new technologies, resource strategies, sensor systems and automation is improving efficiency and driving productivity gains across the minerals value chain.

  • Resources, environment and community

    Our work is enabling Australia to be a global leader in the stewardship of mineral resources for the benefit of the industry and the greater community.

  • Advanced resource characterisation facility

    Our Advanced Characterisation Facility houses a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment for analysing mineral resource composition to assist the productivity and development of the mineral resources sector.

  • resourceful magazine

    resourceful magazine brings you the latest in innovation, technology and research from across the minerals value chain, from mineral exploration to mining and metal production.

  • Our impact strategy

    Our goal is to deliver science and technology options for the discovery and efficient development of Australia’s mineral resource endowment that enable flow-on benefits to the wider national economy.

  • CSIRO Chile

    The CSIRO Chile research foundation promotes collaboration between Chile and Australia in delivering world-class applied research in mining, mineral processing and beyond.

  • Do business with Mineral Resources

    We partner with companies large and small to provide innovative solutions for mineral resource discovery, processing, productivity and sustainability. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to tailor solutions to your specific needs.

  • People

    Key science and business contacts for the Mineral Resources