Intelligent mining

Expertise and innovation in sensing, analysis and control is providing solutions for efficient mining and process management for Australian resources and is opening up global opportunities.

  • Intelligent mining, sensing and automation

    Intelligent mining is the application of new technologies, sensor systems, resource strategies and automation to improve efficiency and drive productivity gains across the minerals value chain.

  • In-situ recovery: mining with minimal landscape disturbance

    In-situ recovery (ISR) of minerals is emerging as a largely untapped frontier that has the potential to change the economics of mining and improve environmental performance. It promises to be a game changer for deep and sub-economic deposits, and provide an alternative to open cut and underground mining.

  • Mining3: Transforming mining

    Mining3 is an industry-driven, global leader in mining research and innovation, which we created in partnership with the former CRCMining. Mining3 develops and delivers breakthrough innovation and technologies that transform the productivity, sustainability and safety of the mining industry.


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