Intelligent mining, sensing and automation

We are finding solutions for efficient mining and resource management in Australia and globally by applying our expertise and innovation in sensing, analysis and automation.

The Challenge

Increasing safety and reducing cost

The future prosperity that can be delivered through the mining industry is being challenged by declining access to high grade ores, commodity markets and cost factors and environmental and safety considerations.

Innovation, technologies and smarter processes that drive down costs and environmental impacts while improving mine safety, efficiency and productivity are increasingly needed.

Reducing the amount of energy and water used in mining and processing operations is an important part of this challenge to improve productivity and environmental performance.

Our Response

Smart tech to boost productivity

We are boosting productivity, safety and environmental management in the mining and resources industry through innovation that draws on our strengths in on-line analysis and control, automation and robotics, drilling and cutting technologies, and real time decision support.

We have developed sensor technologies and systems for high tonnage ore sorting, process management and optimisation, and 3D mapping, mine safety and productivity.

Automated mining systems developed by us have been commercialised and are boosting operator efficiency and mine safety.

The large open pit design guidelines developed by CSIRO are changing the way that the industry approaches slope design and have become a global standard.

Innovations in cutting tools and drilling rigs are also improving operation efficiency and environmental performance.

Case studies

  • FastGrade: on-site elemental drillhole analysis

    BHP Billiton saved $10 million on their exploration program by employing our game-changing downhole neutron logging tool for characterising orebodies in real time at the drill site.

  • Measuring uncertainty in mining and mineral processing

    A method used to account for uncertainty in financial analysis could deliver huge profits to mining and mineral processing.

  • Optimising mining supply and transport

    Our modelling software has optimised Rio Tinto’s West Australian iron ore operations.

  • Detecting gold with x-ray vision

    We developed a way to use powerful x-rays to rapidly and accurately detect gold in ore samples. This could save Australia's minerals industry hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

  • Designing safer open pit mines

    Following years of ongoing research into the stability of rock slopes, we have helped redefine large open mine pit design for reliable mine slopes. This research is minimising loss of life, equipment damage and sustained production losses in the event of mine slope failure.

  • Rapid ore sorting

    The world’s first sensor system for large-scale ore sorting rapidly determines ore grade to cost-effectively sort minerals of value from waste. The technology can significantly boost productivity for mining companies.

  • SiroSOM self organising maps: complex datasets made simple

    The self organising map tool, SiroSOM, is helping the mining industry to target exploration and to plan processing strategies by translating complex datasets into usable information.

  • SMART*CUT makes hard rock mining faster and more efficient

    SMART*CUT is an advanced, very strong and highly wear-resistant cutting head system developed for mining and excavation of soft to very hard rock.

  • Dual x-ray on-line analyser for slurries

    The XRDF combines two different x-ray based techniques in a new on-line analyser for slurries. The technology operates directly on-stream for plant control and monitoring.

  • Tracking in underground mines

    Our wireless tracking technology can hone in on mine workers deep underground, helping to boost productivity and more importantly save lives.


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