resourceful magazine Issue 7

In this issue: Ore processing, Rare Earths, Bioleaching and Seafloor Mining.

  • Hard times – a catalyst for innovation?

    Falling iron ore and other commodity prices have made life difficult for Australian resource producers - but challenges and hard times can also be the catalyst for game-changing innovation, writes Jonathan Law.

  • Producing more from less

    As more of Australia’s accessible and high grade mineral reserves are depleted, Chris Vernon reports that our great challenge is to find ways to target and process our lower grade or more complex ores to maintain productivity and value for the nation.

  • Aluminium future out of red mud treatment

    Vast aluminium global resources that are currently uneconomic to mine could be opened up through a CSIRO-patented process that recovers caustic soda from red mud. Tim Thwaites reports that it may be environmental factors that drive adoption.

  • Gold strike with thiosulphate

    Gold produced with a cyanide-free thiosulphate process is adding value to a US gold operation. Roger Nicoll reports that the process incorporates patented technology developed through a collaboration between Barrick Gold Corporation and CSIRO.

  • New technologies can drive down C1 cost and make an operation viable

    The challenge with complex ore bodies is typically an economic one but new technologies and approaches can transform C1 costs and make all the difference, writes Paul Dowd.

  • Setting sights on invisible mining

    A new and largely untapped frontier that could change the economics of mining and improve environmental performance is the focus of a coordinated campaign spearheaded by CSIRO. Tony Heselev reports

  • The bugs that boost leaching

    Naturally occurring ‘bugs’ such as bacteria and archaea may hold the key to a technology that can turn low grade deposits into economic projects. Tony Heselev reports

  • The rare earth challenge

    While not especially rare and not really earths, there is no doubting the difficulties in mining and processing the rare earth group of metals, or their importance to the global economy. Tim Treadgold reports

  • Steeling our iron ore future

    Research and innovation is unearthing new tools and approaches for tackling current challenges and boosting viability and productivity, at a time when the plunging iron ore price is casting a shadow over the future of the industry. Anna Littleboy reports

  • Global vision for ‘green steel'

    The vision for a cleaner, greener and more productive steel industry, moved a step closer with the recent signing of an agreement with a company in China to scale-up CSIRO’s dry slag granulation (DSG) technology.

  • Seafloor–the new frontier

    The mineral riches of the world’s ocean floor are on the verge of being tapped following advances in technology, growing demand for resources and legal frameworks that make exploration and mining possible. Roger Nicoll reports

  • Printable version: resourceful, Issue 7

    Download a copy of resourceful magazine, Issue 7, June 2015 [PDF 3MB]. Included in this issue are articles on ore processing, rare earths, bioleaching and seafloor Mining.


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