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  • Text "Australian National Outlook 2015" over the top of map of Australia National Outlook 2015 overview

    The National Outlook is a first of its kind attempt to model and analyse the relationships between energy, water and food in Australia’s economy.

  • Aerial view of a section of the Great Barrier Reef, showing a distictive shaped coral reef known as Heart Reef. Great Barrier Reef

    We have a long history of working with partners in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and its adjacent catchments; spanning the full continuum from inland to outer reef.

  • Surface water in red rocky landscape with trees Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment

    We are investigating the potential of northern Australia's water resources to support increased regional development.

Our research

  • Australian National Outlook

    The National Outlook is a first attempt to understand and analyse the connections in Australia’s physical economy many decades into the future.

  • Developing northern Australia

    The wealth of resources in Northern Australia present substantial opportunities for further targeted development. Our long history in the north gives us a wealth of knowledge and research capacity to guide the continued sustainable development of the region.

  • Future Science Platforms

    Future Science Platforms are critical to turn Australia’s future challenges into opportunities to invent a better future for us all.

  • The OzNome Initiative

    The OzNome Initiative seeks to embrace the information age, big data and digital technology to deliver a more connected Australia and an innovation boost to enhance national productivity.