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  • CSIRO researcher Fiona Benn working at the DNi pilot plant. Unlocking Australia’s nickel

    A new method of extracting nickel from Australia’s low-grade laterite reserves could make millions of tonnes of untapped nickel laterites economically viable.

  • Mineral sand falling through someone's hand Attitudes to mining

    A national survey reveals the importance of mining to Australia and Australians and uncovers a wealth of information on benefits and impacts of mining that contribute to public acceptance and the industry’s ‘social licence to operate’.

  • Man sprays a 3D printed product at Lab 22. Lab 22: 3D printing

    We're providing Australian companies with access to metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies that promise high efficiency and productivity gains for a competitive advantage.

Our research

  • Advanced mining

    Application of new technologies, resource strategies, sensor systems and automation is improving efficiency and driving productivity gains across the minerals value chain.

  • CSIRO Chile

    The CSIRO Chile research foundation promotes collaboration between Chile and Australia in delivering world-class applied research in mining, mineral processing and beyond

  • High performance metals

    We help organisations capture opportunities in the face of a changing metals industry, through innovative sustainable processes and high performance alloys and technologies.

  • Mineral discovery and exploration

    Cost effective exploration and discovery of new mineral resources is being realised through advances and expertise in detection technologies, mineral systems, resource characterisation and data analysis.

  • Modelling for efficiency

    We've created detailed modelling systems that respond to real world data to provide real world solutions in dynamic working environments.

  • Technology for the workplace

    Using the latest technology, we're creating innovative new products and tools to meet the challenges of a highly volatile and risk-intensive industry.