Modelling for efficiency

We've created detailed modelling systems that respond to real world data to provide real world solutions in dynamic working environments.

  • HeatWave: handheld thermal sensor

    HeatWave is a lightweight handheld device that delivers accurate real-time temperature information overlaid on a precise 3D model of an object or scene.

    Primary topic: Robotics, autonomous systems and sensing platforms

  • Intelligent systems

    Intelligently managing the way energy is used, transmitted and generated in order to reduce emissions and save money.

    Primary topic: Electricity grids and modelling

  • Optimising supply chains

    Using innovative simulation and modelling techniques, we're developing smart software tools that businesses can use to optimise their supply chains, improve port operations and maximise system throughput.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions

  • Zebedee: handheld laser scanner

    Zebedee is a handheld laser scanner that creates 3D maps of difficult environments in the time it takes to walk through them. It doesn’t rely on GPS, making it suitable for a range of scientific and commercial applications.

    Primary topic: Robotics, autonomous systems and sensing platforms


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