Marine resources, biodiversity and industries

We're providing scientific knowledge and tools to support commercial development of Australia’s marine resources (e.g. fisheries, offshore oil and gas etc.), while mitigating environmental impacts and conserving marine biodiversity.

  • Understanding the Great Australian Bight

    We're working with BP, the South Australian Research and Development Institute, University of Adelaide and Flinders University to unlock the mysteries of the Great Australian Bight's vast area of ocean and coast.

  • Sources, distribution and fate of marine debris

    CSIRO conducts world-leading, award winning, research into marine debris in Australian waters to help protect ecosystems and wildlife.

  • Sustaining Australian fisheries

    We’re helping to develop a consistent, national approach to harvest strategies with Australia's fisheries.

  • Shark research

    We’re investigating the ecology, bio-geography and taxonomy of sharks and rays, and their population dynamics, to support fisheries, conservation and biodiversity management in Australia and neighbouring nations.

  • Sounding out life in the ocean with acoustic monitoring

    Commercial fishers are helping marine scientists to map and monitor food supplies available to top order predators in the oceans around Australia.

  • FishMap

    FishMap is an online tool that provides the geographical and depth ranges of some 4500 Australian marine fishes.


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