Understanding our oceans and climate

Delivering globally consistent and authoritative information and services that enable Australian governments, industries and communities to predict and respond to weather, climate and ocean variability and change, and extreme events.

  • Climate change information for Australia

    Information about Australia’s past, current and future climate helps industries, governments and communities plan for and adapt to a variable and changing climate.

  • BLUElink: reliable ocean forecasting

    BLUElink is a global ocean forecasting system that provides information on oceanic conditions to help manage Australia's diverse area of maritime operations. Delivered in partnership by CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Royal Australian Navy.

  • Planning for sea-level rise

    Coastal communities need to consider how best to plan for sea-level rise.

  • Oceans and climate change

    Just as our changing climate is influencing changes on the land, climate change is also having an effect beneath the waves of the world’s oceans and coastal waterways.

    Primary topic: Oceans & coasts

  • Australasian ocean currents

    Four ocean and coastal currents in the Australasian region are significant in shaping marine environmental conditions and our climate. Research in CSIRO and its partners seeks to better understand these currents and the role they play in our environment.

    Primary topic: Oceans & coasts


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