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  • Woman sitting at top of stairs Tracking our mental health

    We’ve developed a tool called ‘We Feel’ to see if social media can accurately map our emotions and help us better understand mental health.

  • A honeybee with a microsensor attached Swarm sensing

    Thousands of honey bees have been fitted with tiny sensors as part of a world-first research program to monitor the insects’ movements. The team are working with Brazil’s Vale Institute of Technology to take the technology to the Amazon.

  • Graphic of guardian technologies Guardian technologies

    A new breed of industrial robots and ICT systems could transform Australian industry, creating safer environments and more efficient factories.

Our research

  • Apps and smart software

    We've developed a range of apps and software solutions to support health and wellbeing, digital service delivery, energy efficiency and disaster management.

  • Big computers

    We are using big computers to tackle big challenges in fields such as atmospheric modelling, satellite data, geoscience and astronomy.

  • Robots and gadgets

    In our labs we build robots and machines that can operate in the field, the factory floor, the ocean and even the sky. We also used advanced 3D printing technology to deliver customised solutions.

  • Scanning, modelling and tracking

    Our scanning, modelling and tracking technologies can collect and extract value from data in both natural and industrial environments.

  • Telecommunications

    Building on our legacy as inventors of the technology that underpins WiFi, we're now working on next generation telecommunication solutions.

  • Wearable technology

    We're developing clothing and accessories that integrate advanced technology such as electronics, tracking systems, virtual reality and camouflage.

  • Our iAwards finalists

    We love innovation so we're excited to have finalists in the 2016 national iAwards, Australia’s leading technology innovation awards.