Apps and smart software

We've developed a range of apps and software solutions to support health and wellbeing, digital service delivery, energy efficiency and disaster management.

  • ERIC: Improving disaster response effectiveness

    We’ve developed software known as Emergency Response Intelligence Capability (or ERIC) to automate situation reporting during large-scale emergency events.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions

  • SoilMapp for iPad: soil information at your fingertips

    Find out what’s beneath your feet with CSIRO’s first app, SoilMapp, making soil information accessible from your location.

    Primary topic: Decision support tools

  • ESA: Software for Emergency Situation Awareness

    Our Emergency Situation Awareness (ESA) software detects unusual behaviour on Twitter and quickly alerts the user when a disaster event is being broadcast.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions

  • Creating more intuitive website experiences

    LATTE is a software tool that deciphers patterns in how people interact with websites, in order to improve the customer experience.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions

  • BuildingIQ: Improving the energy efficiency of buildings

    Improving energy efficiency in buildings and saving on running costs.

    Primary topic: Electricity grids and modelling

  • Smartphone app a lifesaver for cardiac patients

    We’ve developed and trialled an online cardiac rehabilitation program that can improve program completion rates and patient health outcomes.

    Primary topic: Digital health

  • Software for science

    Our Workspace software offers scientists and researchers an easy way to analyse, model and visualise scientific datasets.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions

  • Social media tools for libraries

    Libraries face unique challenges when using social media channels to help deliver services. We have developed tools to support libraries in dealing with complex data archival and analysis as well as customer engagement.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions

  • Impromy™ Health and Weight Management Program

    Impromy™ is a unique health and weight management program including high protein meal replacements and recipes, available exclusively through selected pharmacies.

    Primary topic: CSIRO diets

  • We feel: tracking the mental health of the nation

    We’ve developed a tool called ‘We Feel’ to see if social media can accurately map our emotions and help us better understand mental health.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions


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