Big computers

We are using big computers to tackle big challenges in fields such as atmospheric modelling, satellite data, geoscience and astronomy.

  • A supercomputer worth Bragging about

    Our Bragg supercomputer cluster was among the world's first to combine traditional CPUs with more powerful graphics processing units or GPUs, providing a world class computational and simulation science facility.

  • Compact Array Broadband Backend upgrade project

    A recent major upgrade to our Australia Telescope Compact Array telescope has greatly enhanced its capability for scientific discovery, and has lead to the next generation of telescope signal-processing systems.

    Primary topic: Technologies for astronomy

  • Pearcey powers our researchers into the future

    What if your work requires access to some of the most bleeding edge computing facilities in the world? We recently welcomed our latest high performance computing (HPC) cluster, Pearcey into our portfolio of scientific computing facilities.

  • Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

    The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is a world-class supercomputing centre in Kensington, Western Australia. It hosts new facilities, expertise and infrastructure to support advanced research in astronomy and geoscience.

    Primary topic: Australia's National Facilities


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