We're designing machines that can deliver the solutions to our national challenges. From accessing dangerous situations to servicing remote locations, from automating repetitive processes through to chasing new ideas for using our tech - find out more about our work in #CSIRObotics.

  • Robots in dangerous places

    Industrial worksites are an essential part of our economy, but still pose risks for employees. We've developed a range of robotic solutions to take care of the more dangerous tasks.

  • Robots in remote areas

    We're tackling Australia's tyranny of distance by developing robots that can keep things ticking along in remote places, so humans don't have to physically be there all the time. We're sending them under the sea, into the rainforests, out to central Australia, and beyond.

  • Robots saving time

    In every job, there are repetitive tasks that take up time while using little brainpower. We've developed a range of specialised robots that can take care of these activities, freeing up employees to focus on other things.

  • New ideas in robotics

    We're always working on new ideas to push the boundaries of how robots work. Coming soon in this space: a peek inside our Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT), news from this year's Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAV) Challenge, and updates from the 2015 RoboBusiness Expo.


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