Building on our legacy as inventors of the technology that underpins WiFi, we're now working on next generation telecommunication solutions.

  • Building antennas

    We're developing, designing and building antennas for applications in digital wireless networks, broadband communications and radio astronomy.

    Primary topic: Wireless and networks

  • Bringing WiFi to the world

    We invented and patented wireless local area network (WLAN) in the 1990s – a technology that has given us the freedom to work wirelessly in our homes and offices.

    Primary topic: Wireless and networks

  • Ngara: Next gen wireless

    Ngara is our next-wave wireless technology that is optimising the wireless spectrum and helping connect more Australians in more places.

    Primary topic: Wireless and networks

  • Ngara point-to-multipoint technology trial

    A three-month trial of our Ngara point-to-multipoint, spectrally-efficient wireless technology is being hosted by long-time CSIRO research collaborator Macquarie University, at Macquarie's Sydney campus, with help from industry partner Optus.

  • Phased array feeds for radio astronomy

    We've developed a specialised 'camera' for our newest radio telescope that dramatically increases how quickly it can survey the sky, and offers enormous potential for other rapid-imaging applications.

    Primary topic: ASKAP and the SKA


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