Scanning, modelling and tracking

Our scanning, modelling and tracking technologies can collect and extract value from data in both natural and industrial environments.

  • Seeing art from every angle

    A new and interactive experience for museum visitors to examine artefacts in three dimensional detail.

    Primary topic: Imaging and visualisation

  • HeatWave: handheld thermal sensor

    HeatWave is a lightweight handheld device that delivers accurate real-time temperature information overlaid on a precise 3D model of an object or scene.

    Primary topic: Robotics, autonomous systems and sensing platforms

  • Hi-tech marine observing technologies

    Whether it's learning about the daily behaviour of tuna or the changing circulation patterns of an entire ocean basin, marine observing technologies are essential for understanding our marine environment.

    Primary topic: Marine technologies

  • Modelling better flood responses in Port Phillip Bay

    We’re using 3D flood modelling and visualisation to help inform disaster planning and infrastructure needs.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions

  • Monitoring our oceans with robotic floats

    Argo robotic floats are helping to improve our understanding of the world’s oceans.

    Primary topic: Marine technologies

  • Scanning bugs in 3D

    Our new 3D imaging technology provides a faster and more accurate way of measuring the characteristics of microscopic bugs and insects in natural colour.

    Primary topic: Imaging and visualisation

  • Sense-T: intelligent sensor network

    Sense-T is creating the world's first economy-wide intelligent sensor network that integrates different data sources to build a digital view of Tasmania.

    Primary topic: Robotics, autonomous systems and sensing platforms

  • Swarm-sensing

    Primary topic: Robotics, autonomous systems and sensing platforms

  • Tagging Australian sharks

    In collaboration with various partners and funding agencies, we’ve deployed some 250 electronic tags on 210 different white sharks since 2000 (some sharks are tagged with more than one type of electronic tag).

    Primary topic: Sharks

  • Wireless tracking with WASP

    We've developed wireless tracking technology that can operate indoors, underground and in built-up areas.

    Primary topic: Wireless and networks


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