Indigenous-driven science solutions for a sustainable future

Closing the gap on Indigenous economic participation and wellbeing is a major national challenge.

In order to meet this challenge, we need evidence-based policies and programs that enable economic and development opportunities that are geographically and culturally appropriate.

Drawing on experience and expertise from across CSIRO, we're working with Indigenous communities and organisations across Australia to provide Indigenous-driven science solutions to meet this national challenge.

Enterprises on country

Our work with Indigenous partners is developing methods and information to support sustainable land and sea country-based enterprises and economies and successful enterprise models.

Improving water quality and livelihoods

We're working with Indigenous partners on the Cape York Peninsula to reduce water quality impacts of land management practices and build the capacity of Indigenous rangers.

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West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Project

The West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement project uses traditional fire management practices and scientific knowledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Opportunity from a Menace

Opportunity from a Menace is an innovation-in-action and economic development opportunity for Cape York and Northern Australia. It brings together Indigenous land managers, regional Aboriginal organisations, scientific expertise, entrepreneurs and business to build a diversified portfolio of products and markets based on the management of the feral pig menace to protect the environment – while generating jobs and enterprises on Cape York and beyond.

Looking after country

Science projects with Indigenous land managers are developing tools and methods to support land mangers do their business, plan and govern and manage their estate.

Looking after country - tools & methods

Protocols for Indigenous fire-management

Through the National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub, we developed a series of protocols to guide Indigenous fire management partners delivering environmental and cultural management programs.

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Managing threatened species and their habitats

Through the NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub, we're collaborating with Indigenous people to support on-country opportunities for protecting and recovering Australia's threatened species and their habitats.

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Aboriginal fire knowledge in the Great Western Woodlands

We are working with the Ngadju people to help empower their efforts to re-engage in the management of Western Australia's Great Western Woodlands.

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Assessing and managing risk on country

Working together for plant biosecurity

We're working with research partners through the Plant Biosecurity CRC to improve plant biosecurity management and develop the capacity of regional and remote communities to engage in biosecurity surveillance activities.

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Governance and decision making

Research priorities for Indigenous Protected Areas

We worked with partners in the NESP Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub to assess research priorities for Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) in northern Australia, and identify environmental, social, economic and cultural benefits associated with IPAs.

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Indigenous water values

Our research improved understanding of the social and economic significance of water, rivers and wild resources to Indigenous people in the Daly and Fitzroy catchments in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, respectively.

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Digital technology and new innovations

Atlas of Living Australia and Indigenous ecological knowledge

In partnership with Indigenous communities working on country, the Atlas of Living Australia is exploring the role of information management platforms in bridging the boundaries between traditional Indigenous ecological knowledge and western science, as well as empowering two-way participation in the sharing of biodiversity knowledge.

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Supporting science and engagement

Indigenous engagement

We believe that Indigenous Australians have extraordinary contributions to make to Australia across cultural, economic and scientific domains. Furthermore, we are committed to overcoming the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

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STEM Education

Our Indigenous STEM Education Project is aimed at increasing participation and achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as they progress through primary, secondary and tertiary education and into employment.

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Career opportunities

We're committed to encouraging more Indigenous people to work with us, in both our science and support areas. We offer a number of career options particularly designed for Indigenous Australians, from traineeships and cadetships, through to specifically identified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander positions such as Liaison and Education Professionals.

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