Our Research Programs

Urban Systems

CSIRO urban research is enabling more sustainable cities through trans-disciplinary research and the development of new technologies and modelling approaches.

Agricultural Systems

CSIRO is finding better ways to manage agricultural systems to achieve a balance between food production and environmental and socioeconomic outcomes.


CSIRO is improving the understanding and management of Australia’s landscapes, ecosystems and biodiversity through this targeted Ecology Program.

Evolutionary Biology

The Evolutionary Biology Program generates knowledge for managing biodiversity and develops bio- and genomic technologies to enhance the environmental performance of Australian agricultural, manufacturing and energy industries.

Forest Systems

CSIRO is bringing together knowledge and best practice on the structure and function, values and benefits of Australia’s natural and planted forests.

Social and Economic Sciences

CSIRO is helping to find solutions to natural resource management and sustainability challenges through social and economic research.

Making a difference

Climate change and adaption

Our science is helping Australia understand, respond to and plan for a changing climate.

Biodiversity and ecology overview

We are applying our expertise and resources across many science disciplines to one of the world's key natural resource challenges: sustaining biodiversity in genes, plants, animals and entire ecosystems.

Biosecurity and invasive species

To help protect Australia's ecosystems, CSIRO is undertaking invasive species research at pre-border, border and post-border level.

Bioindustries in CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences

In support of a developing bioeconomy in Australia, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences is conducting research on industrial biotechnology and biomaterials; environmental biotechnology and enzymology; and sensory biology.

Population sustainability overview

The debate on population policy requires clear scientific advice about how our population is likely to affect resources, environmental sustainability, the economy and society. CSIRO researches these areas to predict how population policies may affect our sustainability.

Quality biosensors

The Food Futures Flagship is pioneering biosensor technology which can be applied to food manufacturing, healthcare and Australia’s biosecurity and defence efforts.