The FullStop wetting front detector, buried in a garden, is used by a gardener to measure water hitting the plant root zone.

Uncovering the dirt on soil and water

With water conservation such an important issue, it’s surprising that less than one in four commercial irrigators in Australia actually measure the amount of water in their soil. (9:13)

  • 3 March 2010 | Updated 25 November 2011

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In this vodcast, Dr Richard Stirzaker from CSIRO Land and Water demonstrates how soil holds water much like a sponge, each day allowing plants to extract some of this water via their roots and transpire it through their leaves.

Dr Stirzaker also explains that accurate irrigation is simply replacing the water that’s been lost, a task achievable by monitoring soil water with one of the many commercial products available, such as the CSIRO FullStop wetting front detector.

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