Lord Howe Stag Beetles

Lord Howe Stag Beetles

$30m for Atlas of Living Australia

Reference: 09/84

The announcement of a $30 million increase in funding for the Atlas of Living Australia ($10m in 2009-10) has been welcomed by the CSIRO as an important foundational step in the deeper understanding of national biodiversity

  • 12 May 2009

CSIRO Group Executive for Agribusiness, Dr Joanne Daly, said the funding will help develop the Atlas of Living Australia into a world-class research tool.

Hosted by CSIRO and in collaboration with partners in government, museums and the universities, the program is developing a biodiversity data management system which will link Australia’s biological knowledge with its scientific and agricultural reference collections and other custodians of biological information.

“To have integrated information on all Australian species, including data on specimens held by Australia’s natural history collections and data from field observations of living organisms is a very valuable research tool,” Dr Daly said.

“The funds will allow CSIRO and our partners to support the management and integration of biological data from all areas of research from molecular to ecological.”

The program will develop search interfaces and web services to facilitate discovery of biological information resources and to support the use of biological data in scientific research, policy-making and education

The Atlas of Living Australia is funded under the Australian Government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

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