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July 2011


T-Mag wins Innovator Award

A computer simulation of the T-Mag casting process
A computer simulation of the T-Mag casting process,
showing hot metal filling a die for a motorcycle wheel

CSIRO's revolutionary T-Mag magnesium alloy casting process has received the Defence Teaming Centre's (DTC) Innovator Award. The award was presented at the annual Defence Industry Dinner in Adelaide in May.

The DTC Innovator Award recognises the T-Mag team's investment in research and development to produce innovative products and services that contribute to building the capacity of the defence industry in South Australia.

The T-Mag magnesium alloy casting process was developed through the Light Metals Flagship, and has since transferred to the Future Manufacturing Flagship. The process was taken to market in 2007 as a joint venture by three Australian small and medium enterprises - Alloy Technologies International (ATI), Flotek, and SAGE Automation - in partnership with CSIRO.

The DTC, the peak defence industry association of South Australia, commended the T-Mag team for developing a revolutionary, cost-effective, high-yield magnesium alloy process.

T-Mag's Managing Director Steve Groat said the ability of the T-Mag process to enable unique product design, combined with the lightweighting of the product through the use of magnesium, provides significant benefit to military applications.

"Until T-Mag developed it, there wasn't a commercially viable magnesium casting process that could cast big, chunky pieces like transmissions, engine blocks and wheels", he said.

"Now we can compete with aluminium, with products that are lightweight and cost effective."

T-Mag Commercialisation Team leader Sam Tartaglia said the T-Mag technology has been particularly attractive to the automotive components industry because of its potential to improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

"The T-Mag technology enables production of super-light, high-strength and high-integrity automotive components such as magnesium alloy wheels, powertrain components and other load-critical applications, which are not technically or economically viable with current casting technologies."

In 2007, the T-Mag Commercialisation Team was awarded the CSIRO Medal for Business Excellence.

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