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Exploring the interplay of oceans and climate.

Ocean renewable energy

CSIRO modelling predicts that wave energy could play a large part in Australia’s future energy mix. Ocean energy extraction is an emerging technology and research is required on the nature of the resource, technology, performance and understanding the wider impacts.

  • 25 July 2012 | Updated 13 June 2013


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The ocean provides an abundant source of renewable energy; however there are many other factors that will determine its place in Australia’s future energy mix.

Given the potential of ocean energy, CSIRO has conducted a review of existing knowledge including the technology, Australian resource, cost projections, likely uptake and the impact of energy extraction.

The multi-disciplinary analysis tells us that there is a great opportunity for wave energy to be part of Australia’s energy mix, possibly providing up to 11 per cent of our power by 2050. This could power a city the size of Melbourne.

Front cover of the 'Ocean renewable report: 2015-2050'.This was a preliminary assessment, and research is required to map and quantify resource, understand and improve device performance, and assess the wider societal and environmental impacts.

Read the full report: Ocean renewable energy: 2012-2050 [PDF 5.49MB].

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