Biodiversity portfolio

  • 3 December 2010 | Updated 14 October 2011


Biodiversity is the world's life support system.

It is the diversity of living organisms in terrestrial, marine and aquatic ecosystems and the ecological and evolutionary processes that underpin them. Australia is the custodian of a rich and unique biodiversity.

Unfortunately biodiversity in Australia and around the world is in serious decline.

Biodiversity is under increasing pressure from habitat change, overexploitation, pollution, invasive alien species and climate change. 

CSIRO research into biodiversity can help industry and communities find cheaper and more efficient ways to promote economic and sustainable development.

We research biodiversity in urban areas, on out farms and rangelands, along transport routes as well as in forests and conservation areas.

We research biodiversity in urban areas, out on farms and rangelands, along transport routes as well as in forests and conservation areas.


CSIRO Biodiversity research takes places across many of our research Flagships and Divisions as well as the new CSIRO Biodiversity Theme: Building Resilient Australian Biodiversity Assets (BRABA). 

CSIRO is leading a landmark national effort to provide the know-how to slow the rate of biodiversity decline in Australia by 2020.

Dr Andy Sheppard leads research in the Biodiversity Theme.

Key science issues

CSIRO biodiversity research concentrates on three main areas:

Biodiversity status and trends

Understanding the extent and health of the nation’s biological diversity is the first step to halting its decline.

Restoring biodiversity

CSIRO is halting Australia’s decline in biodiversity by turning conservation science theory into practical management techniques.

Making biodiversity pay

Managing biodiversity needs tough decisions – CSIRO science can help.

Read more about Dr Andy Sheppard: Theme Leader for Building Resilient Australian Biodiversity Assets.