Our expertise


CSIRO is improving the health and well-being of Australians through our bioscience research into the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in a number of human diseases.

Fibre Science

We conduct basic and applied research to promote profitable and sustainable fibre and fibrous structure industries, develop new products and improve production and processing efficiencies.

Polymeric Materials

We design and synthesise novel polymer compositions and architectures as 'fit-for-function' polymers.

Devices Engineering and Systems

Applied physicists, engineers and technical professionals working to solve national challenges and create wealth for Australia through manufacturing, minerals discovery, health technology, aerospace, sensing and electronics.

Surfaces and Nanosciences

Our work discovers materials at the intersection between the molecular- and nano-scale.

RAFT Technology

RAFT: a process for making better polymers.

Making A Difference

Charging ahead: CSIRO battery and energy storage research capabilities

CSIRO is developing clean, affordable energy and transport technologies. We are working to halve greenhouse gas emissions through the efficient use and generation of energy.

Low cost energy, using organic photovoltaics

CSIRO is developing new materials and processes to enable high throughput, low cost reel-to-reel printable electronics for the production of thin film organic photovoltaic solar cells.

Locating the ore others miss

CSIRO’s LANDTEM™ is a highly portable exploration tool helping unearth large mineral deposits worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It is the first SQUID-based system for minerals exploration available for commercial sale.

Advances in medical imaging

Advances in medical imaging are assisting with the earlier detection of a range of diseases including cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancers and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Fluid dynamics for medical research and biomedical devices

CSIRO's biofluid dynamics team is successfully applying their skills to develop original devices and to support industries involved in medical devices, diagnostics and treatment.

Cold spray technology

Cold gas-dynamic spray technology, or Cold Spray technology, is a rapidly emerging industrial coatings technology.

The world’s first polymer banknote

CSIRO’s relationship with Note Printing Australia (a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia) is changing currency worldwide.
Australia has the most secure currency in the world. Discover how CSIRO and the Reserve Bank of Australia created the world’s first polymer banknote.

Automated Impact Sensing System: revolutionising combat sports

CSIRO has been working with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) to produce a fully objective system to detect impact in combat sports.

Flexible Integrated Energy Device

CSIRO is developing a wearable power generation and storage system which captures energy from movement.