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CSIRO and Asia

CSIRO collaborates with organisations throughout Asia on solutions to global problems, as well as producing new research and technology.

  • 28 January 2010 | Updated 29 June 2012

Collaboration in Asia

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CSIRO has long-standing links with many of Australia’s neighbouring Asian countries. We have a particular interest in China and India, and in developing countries throughout the region.

Some of our collaborations aim to solve significant global problems, including:

  • food security and sustainable agriculture
  • emissions reduction and climate change
  • human and livestock health
  • water resources
  • energy security.

We also collaborate on scientific and technological challenges, such as:

  • information and communications technologies
  • manufacturing and construction
  • nanotechnology and new materials
  • radio astronomy
  • minerals, energy, mining and exploration.

Our collaborations take many forms, including:

  • researcher exchanges and visits
  • joint publications
  • technology transfer and commercialisation
  • collaboration agreements
  • joint ventures
  • joint workshops, conferences and forums for knowledge exchange.

In addition, CSIRO is a member of the Global Research Alliance, along with SIRIM Berhad (Malaysia), CSIR (India) and other organisations from across the globe.

The Alliance leverages our combined capabilities to target the current United Nations’ Millennium Goals.

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