A group of science and industry leaders join hands in partnership.

Collaboration is a key principle of the Flagship initiative.

Flagship Collaboration Fund

Collaboration is a key principle of the Flagship program.

  • 19 August 2011 | Updated 21 June 2013

About the fund 

The Flagship Collaboration Fund (FCF) supports the CSIRO National Research Flagships Program in achieving their goals by providing funding to engage external capability to:

  • solve specific science problems
  • develop expertise for CSIRO and its partners
  • build collaborative partnerships.

In all cases, funded research must align with the research of one or more of the National Research Flagships

At different times throughout the year, the FCF provides contestable funding for:

  • Flagship clusters
  • Flagship research projects
  • Flagship visiting fellowships 
  • Flagship postgraduate scholarships.


Guidelines and details of how to apply for funding are available under each type of funding listed above.

Prospective applicants should contact the relevant Flagship to discuss their proposals prior to the submission of any application for funding.

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