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Flagship visiting fellowships

National Research Flagship Visiting Fellowships are available for researchers to work in CSIRO in areas directly relevant to a Flagship.

  • 31 August 2011 | Updated 17 June 2014

About Flagship Visiting Fellowships

At the present time the FCF is not accepting any applications. The information on the website refers to previously available funding opportunities.

When further rounds are initiated, information will be posted to our webpage and a bulletin sent to the FCF Mailing list.  You can join the Mailing list [external link].

Flagship Visiting Fellowships are available for distinguished researchers to provide intellectual leadership for a short period of time (generally up to six months).

As distinct from a Flagship Project, a Visiting Fellow is seconded from their research institute for a period of time on an agreed activity. 

For overseas based researchers, the Fellowship may be used to fund a living allowance during the term of their Fellowship as well as economy class international air travel and minor operating costs.

Eligible applicants include:

  • Individuals employed part-time or full-time at an Australian or overseas higher education institution
  • Individuals from other Australian and overseas publicly funded research agencies
  • Recently retired individuals may be considered

Prospective applicants should contact the relevant Flagship to discuss their proposals prior to the submission of any application for funding.

Flagship Visiting Fellowships have NOT been accepted for inclusion on the Australian Competitive Grants Register.

Further information

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