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Work experience is a great way to participate in real-life science.

About CSIRO vacation scholarships

CSIRO's vacation scholarships scheme offers undergraduate students the opportunity of collaborating with CSIRO scientists. Applications for the 2014/15 CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation scholarships are now closed.

  • 29 July 2011 | Updated 1 October 2014

About CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation scholarships

The CSIRO's Undergraduate Vacation scholarships scheme is run over the summer holidays and offers promising, advanced undergraduate students the opportunity of collaborating with leading CSIRO scientists using world class facilities.

These prestigious scholarships are highly sought after and every year CSIRO makes around 200 offers.

Vacation scholars can go on to do further work with CSIRO.

Some have been offered the opportunity of doing their honours or PhD projects jointly with us, others have been offered paid employment. Indeed, several Chiefs of CSIRO Divisions can trace their history with the organisation back to a summer vacation scholarship.

What the scholarships offer you

Our vacation scholarship scheme offers students the chance to work on a real project in science, engineering or a related field such as science communication.

Placements are full time and typically begin in late November or early December and run anywhere from 8–12 weeks.

Successful applicants get to expand their skills and knowledge and there are often opportunities to attend conferences and training courses too.

Students are usually required to write up their work and present it to their peers and supervisors at the end of the summer.

Vacation students are paid a stipend, currently A$1462 per fortnight but are not CSIRO employees.

In some instances students may also receive a contribution towards travel and accommodation costs – the provision of assistance and its value varies from one situation to another.

Requirements and eligibility

Vacation scholarships are intended primarily for students who:

  • are currently enrolled at an Australian university
  • have completed three years of a full-time undergraduate course preferably in science or engineering however exceptional second year students may be considered
  • have a strong academic record (credit average or higher)
  • intend to go on to honours and/or postgraduate study.

2014/15 CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships

Applications for the 2014/15 CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation scholarships have now closed.

For information on more offers available at CSIRO see Careers with CSIRO.