Our Research

Your health & wellbeing

We are helping to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians by assisting the food industry in bringing foods with substantiated and functional health benefits to the market.

Food security & safety

We work to protect and increase the efficiency of livestock and food production systems and to assure the safety, quality and sustainability of Australian foods.

Food Processing

We are helping to transform the way food is processed, using sustainable, efficient and innovative practices better suited to a resource-constrained world.

Infectious diseases

We protect the health of Australia's people, animals, environment and trade through our research to detect and control infectious diseases.

Rural productivity

Our collaborative research is driving productivity gains in Australia’s northern cattle and southern sheep enterprises.

Animal health & welfare

We are working to ensure that livestock production is managed ethically, using practices that reduce diseases, stress and pain in farm animals.

Making A Difference

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

CSIRO's Total Wellbeing Diet has now been produced as a book - published by Penguin - chock full of delectable recipes for a weight loss program that is successful and provides the nutrients required for health and vitality.

Breeding the horns out of cattle

A discovery by CSIRO scientists has been central to the development of an accurate DNA test that may help the Australian cattle industry end the painful practice of dehorning beef cattle.

CSIRO drinks to world’s best new juice

Innovative Australian fruit juices developed with CSIRO won at the prestigious Beverage Innovation Awards in Germany in 2009.

Breeding for Breech Strike Resistance

We collaborate with the sheep and wool industry to develop alternatives to mulesing, including breeding sheep that are genetically resistant to breech flystrike.

Meeting demands for greater meat sustainability

Adopting a broad definition of sustainability, CSIRO is researching a number of different areas where the Australian meat industry could become more efficient.

Australian Animal Health Laboratory

As a CSIRO national scientific facility AAHL helps protect Australia’s multi-billion dollar livestock and aquaculture industries, and the general public, from emerging infectious disease threats.

Food Pilot Plant

CSIRO's food innovation centre is a unique national facility with access to significant expertise and innovative technologies for the food industry.