Islands in the sea microfibres.

Islands in the sea microfibres.

Geelong: Waurn Ponds, Vic (CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering)

CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering Fibre Science and Engineering Research Program is supported by globally recognised multi-fibre research facilities at Waurn Ponds, Geelong, Victoria.

  • 24 July 2009 | Updated 24 June 2014


Scientists at CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering in Waurn Ponds, Geelong study the structure, properties and behaviours of fibres and fibrous materials to:

  • develop new advanced fibres and fibrous structures
  • pilot and industrialise new advanced materials such as carbon nanotubes
  • find innovative fibre solutions to a range of Australia's research needs
  • stimulate international demand for Australia's natural fibres
  • improve the quality and processing of Australian cotton
  • grow the technical textile industry including:
    • industrial
    • environmental
    • automotive
    • medical
    • sports
    • military
    • construction.

CSIRO operates a comprehensive multi-fibre processing research and development facility, in Waurn Ponds, Geelong, Victoria. 

At this site we provide specialised laboratory and pilot processing facilities, including fibre extrusion, nonwoven, woollen, worsted and cotton and advanced fibrous materials processing capabilities. 

At Waurn Ponds, we also design and develop prototype instruments for a range of industry purposes.

Our Waurn Ponds facility is located in Geelong at the hub of Australia's fibre research, together with the Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation at Deakin University. 


The CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering Fibre Science Research Program is known for its achievements in:

  • dry spinning of carbon nanotubes into yarn
  • dark and medullated fibre test
  • Sirolock doffer wire
  • Cottonscan instrument for measuring the fineness and maturity of cotton 
  • ColorClear™ wool whitening technology
  • Quick Dry Merino
  • SiroFAST™ (Fabric Assurance by Simple Testing)
  • permanent press
  • shrinkproofing
  • total easy care and machine-washable suits
  • SportWool™
  • OPTIM™
  • Australian Medical Sheepskins
  • electrostatically charged wool-rich filters for personal respirators
  • online dark speck detector for nonwovens.

At the CSIRO research hub in Clayton, we also have groups that work on:

  • forest fibre science
  • services to the wood products industries
  • fibre chemistry.

Location map

Map of the Waurn Ponds site in Geelong Victoria showing CSIRO location and delivery buildings - click image to view larger version (JPG 187KB)
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  • ColorClear™, OPTIM™, SiroFAST™, Sirolan Fleecescan™, Sirospun™, Solospun™ and SportWool™, are trade marks of CSIRO Australia.