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Dr Andy Ross.

Dr Andrew Ross: developing exploration tools for detecting oil accumulations

Dr Andrew Ross is the research leader for the hydrocarbon exploration capability in CSIRO and leads the hydrocarbon sensors and marine geology team.

  • 14 July 2010 | Updated 31 January 2014

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Current activities

Dr Ross is responsible for CSIRO’s hydrocarbon exploration activities and leads the Seeps and Leaks project for the Great Australian Bight.

He also leads a multidisciplinary team focused on the detection of hydrocarbons in the marine environment, both for the detection of hydrocarbon seeps and for environmental monitoring.

The team is:

  • developing new hydrocarbon sensor devices
  • developing systems and workflows to obtain greater insights from marine surveys.

Dr Andrew Ross is responsible for CSIRO’s hydrocarbon exploration activities.

Dr Ross and his team were involved in the Gulf of Mexico, MC252 spill response, spending four months monitoring surface waters in 2010 as well as performing hydrocarbon seep surveys in the vicinity of the MC252 incident location in 2011.

In addition he is involved in the development of new research approaches to understand the behaviour of CO2 tracers and their detection and is part of the science team delivering the National Geosequestration Laboratory based at ARRC.


Dr Andrew Ross has worked on a number research projects, including:

  • petroleum reservoir oil biodegradation
  • oil migration and trapping in the subsurface
  • the development of new hydrocarbon sensors for groundwater monitoring.

He joined CSIRO in 2004 as a research scientist within CSIRO Petroleum’s fluid history team, and quickly became involved in the development of the hydrocarbon sensors research effort taking on the role of project leader in 2005.

Since then his activities have been split between commercial fluid history investigations, geochemical studies and the sensors project.

Dr Ross leads the hydrocarbon sensors research team developing new hydrocarbon technologies and solutions.

Dr Ross has interests in:

  • exploration technologies
  • reservoir processes
  • fluid histories
  • organic geochemistry
  • oil seeps and leakage
  • basin modelling
  • marine science.

Academic qualifications

Dr Ross has been awarded a:

  • Bachelor of Science with joint Honours in marine biology and oceanography from Bangor University, Wales
  • Master of Science in petroleum geochemistry, from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom (UK)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in geochemistry, also from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

His doctoral work was focused primarily on in-reservoir biodegradation of oil.


Dr Ross' research in refining the technology and participating in a number of commercial projects assessing oil migration and accumulation contributed to the sustained team effort to address issues in petroleum exploration and production.

This led to the award of 2005 CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement to the fluid history team.

He was also part of the CSIRO and Wealth from Oceans Flagship's Blue GDP research theme awarded the One-CSIRO medal in 2007.

Dr Ross is a member of the:

  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia.

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