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Mining Science and Engineering

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The Mining Science and Engineering Program delivers capability to research across the entire coal mining value chain, as well as into such targeted aspects of metalliferous mining as new large open pit design and  innovations to transform the future mine. 

It also investigates the social acceptance and uptake of new energy technologies as well as the social licence to operate in the mining domain.

The program comprises four capability groups.

Mining Systems

The Mining Systems group uses novel modelling and simulation techniques to develop innovative mining systems, advanced mining hazard control technologies for both coal and metalliferous mining, and enabling technologies for mine environmental sustainability.

Among its major strengths is modelling in the geomechanics domain utilising a purpose-built high performance computer cluster. The group’s work helps the mining industry deal with endemic problems including gas management, ground conditions and pit stability.

Mining Geoscience

The Mining Geoscience group uses geological, geophysical and 3D imaging skills to develop new technologies and systems to characterise and predict mineral and energy resources. Its major strengths are in geophysics, coal characterisation and 3D data processing. 

It directs its research to improve mining conditions for the safe, efficient mining, processing and utilisation of the resource. 

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Mining Automation

The Mining Automation group seeks to promote transformational change in the mining industry through advanced integration of sensing, processing, automation, communications and visualisation technologies in the mining process.  

The major focus is on delivery of remote and autonomous capability to enhance the productivity, safety and sustainability of mining using navigation, communication and signal processing skills.

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Science into Society

The Science into Society group draws on a range of innovative social research capabilities and processes to facilitate dialogue between a range of stakeholders to enable them to share knowledge and information to address national mining and energy.

The group encourages low emission technologies and behaviours, and explores the social, policy and regulatory dimensions of distributed energy.

It assesses vulnerability and processes in climate adaptation as well as the social implications of deep sea floor exploration and mining.

It is active in researching social impacts of mining at a regional scale and develops tools and processes to assist regional transitions.

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