A person in a hard hat and orange overalls using the PIPEASSURE to fix a damaged pipe.

PIPEASSURE functions as a wrap to repair damaged pipelines.

PIPEASSURE™ - a repair solution for subsea pipelines

PIPEASSURE™ technology will enable oil and gas companies to repair their pipelines quickly and safely with minimal disruption and loss of operation down-time.

  • 6 October 2011 | Updated 24 July 2014


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The Challenge

Subsea oil and gas pipelines deteriorate over time due to a range of structural and operational issues including manufacturing defects or degradation caused by exposure to the harsh marine environment.

Current methods of pipeline repair include underwater welding, which carries considerable safety risks. The need to shut down production for extended periods can cost petroleum companies millions of dollars in lost revenue.

The Solution

A team of researchers from CSIRO and PETRONAS, Malaysia’s national oil and gas company, have developed a new technology that can revolutionise the repair, rehabilitation and maintenance of subsea oil and gas pipelines: PIPEASSURE™.

The PIPEASSURE™ technology is an adhesive composite material that can be wrapped around pipelines and similar structures to protect and repair sections damaged by corrosion and other forms of degradation.

The technology is able to restore pipelines to their original design specification for pressure containment.