PIPEASSURE™ - a repair solution for subsea pipelines

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Product Features and Benefits

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Product Features

PIPEASSURE™ is a composite material which consists of a fibre glass reinforcement saturated in a resin matrix.

PIPEASSURE can restore damaged pipelines to their original design specifications for pressure containment.

It was designed specifically to be able to cure and adhere to steel pipelines underwater in extreme marine environments.

It was developed after a vigorous and comprehensive three year research program, involving formulating and testing new resins and composites to meet the requirements for a practical material suitable for application to sub-sea pipelines.

The material is comprised of an epoxy-based resin system impregnated into a glass fabric, which is then cured to form a fibre reinforced composite (FRP).

This FRP material has demonstrated optimal adhesion to submersed steel substrates and the ability to be prepared and cured in sea water at a range of temperatures.

PIPEASSURE™ will enable oil and gas companies to restore damaged pipelines quickly, safely and with minimal operation downtime

The Benefits and Capabilities

The innovative PIPEASSURE technology will enable oil and gas companies to restore damaged pipelines efficiently, cost-effectively and with minimal production downtime because it:

  • bonds effectively to steel structures, even in a wet environment
  • is highly durable under prolonged exposure to hydrocarbons and high temperatures 
  • eliminates the need for underwater welding, increasing the safety and convenience of pipeline repair
  • has a high glass transition temperature (thermal softening point)
  • is flexible and lightweight, allowing for application to structures of various shapes and sizes; and
  • delivers a potential reduction of organic pollutants in the marine environment as a result of improved pipeline repair and maintenance methods.