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Meet the team

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The Science into Society group is led by Ms Peta Ashworth and consists of the following researchers and support staff:

Ms Peta Ashworth: understanding public perceptions to complex issues

Ms Peta Ashworth's work coordinates a range of social research projects for a number of CSIRO flagships as she and her team continually trial new and old ways to integrate social sciences into the scientific research programs of CSIRO.

Team Leaders

Dr Kieren Moffat: exploring sustainable futures for the Australian minerals industry

Dr Kieren Moffat is a social and organisational psychologist who leads a team of social scientists in the Science into Society research group.

Dr Nina Lansbury Hall: energy use and climate change

Dr Nina Hall is a social researcher helping low-income Australians to more efficiently use energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save money on their energy bills, and increase their wellbeing through more comfortable heating and cooling.

Dr Dana Kai Bradford: improving outcomes for Australians in need

Dr Dana Bradford works at the interface of neuroscience and technology to improve outcomes for specific population groups.

Group Members

Ms Anne-Maree Dowd: understanding public perceptions to assist in climate mitigation

Ms Anne-Maree Dowd is an applied research expert in climate change mitigation, adaptation, behaviour change, public perception, community engagement, organisational behaviour and communication.

Dr Claire Mason: understanding individual, group and organisational behaviour

Dr Claire Mason is a social scientist working in the Science into Society Group, using her background in psychology to support decision-making and change at an individual, group, organisational and societal level.

Dr Sharon Dane: examining social inclusion among the Australian population

Dr Sharon Dane employs her research background in the field of social psychology to identify the role of social inclusion in predicting quality of life.

Dr Justine Lacey: exploring ethical use and management of Australia's natural resources

Dr Justine Lacey is a philosopher exploring how we make and justify our decisions about natural resource management and technology assessment in the minerals industry

Dr Lilly Lim-Camacho: exploring adaptation of communities and organisations to climate change through communication and engagement

Dr Lilly Lim-Camacho is a social scientist focused on encouraging communities and organisations to mitigate and adapt to climate change through communication and engagement.

Dr Lygia Romanach: exploring the relationships between science, technology and society on a changing climate

Dr Lygia Romanach is a social researcher with a background in agriculture. Dr Romanach is interested in the relationships between scientific and technological innovations and society.

Dr Aysha Fleming: understanding community responses to climate change

Dr Aysha Fleming is a social scientist working in the Science into Society group, based in Hobart, Tasmania. Dr Fleming brings an academic background in adult education, social research in agriculture, communication of climate change and rural sociology.

Dr Barton Loechel: exploring mining industry and community adaptation to climate change

Dr Barton Loechel is social researcher investigating the vulnerability and adaptive capacity of mining industries and communities to climate change.

Ms Naomi Boughen: exploring social dimensions

Ms Naomi Boughen is part of a team of social scientists exploring stakeholder perceptions to a range of complex issues that are strategically important to Australia.

Ms Simone Carr-Cornish: exploring what contributes to sustainable outcomes from industries and innovations

Ms Carr-Cornish is an applied social researcher working to understand the social impacts of industries and innovations.

Ms Talia Jeanneret: exploring public perceptions of low emission energy technologies

Ms Talia Jeanneret applies a range of social research methods to explore public attitudes towards climate change and low emission energy technologies.

Ms Shelley Rodriguez: effectively communicating about low emission energy technologies

Ms Shelley Rodriguez applies her expertise and skill to effectively communicate the science surrounding low emission energy technologies. Her work has particularly focused on carbon capture and storage, a new and emerging technology.