Photo of Mr Cameron Begley

Mr Cameron Begley

Mr Cameron Begley: Business Director, Biosecurity Flagship

Mr Cameron Begley looks after the commercial and business interests of the CSIRO Biosecurity Flagship.

  • 22 April 2008 | Updated 29 January 2014

Current activities

Mr Begley currently leads Business Development and Commercialisation for the Biosecurity Flagship and is a member of the Flagship Leadership Team and Licensee and Project Steering Committees.

In this role his responsibilities include:

  • management and development of internal and external networks to secure revenues
  • identification and development of commercially prospective intellectual property suites in conjunction with science teams
  • development and implementation of commercial strategies for key technologies and capabilities with external partners in industry and government
  • maintenance of operational and strategic alignment between business unit, group and corporate strategic goals.

    Mr Begley currently leads Business Development and Commercialisation for the Biosecurity Flagship.


Mr Begley began his career in private industry where he first worked at Dow Chemical, in water treatment technologies and later with Akzo Nobel in business development for their polymer chemical products.

He joined CSIRO in 2002 in the role of business development for CSIRO’s research in chemical engineering.

In 2005 he moved within CSIRO to managing business for CSIRO’s environmental research.

In this role, Mr Begley has progressed into general management of technology commercialisation and research and development (R&D) business management covering diverse areas such as industrial biotechnology, biosecurity and biodiversity.

Academic qualifications

Mr Begley has been awarded a:

  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours from the University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Master of Business Administration (Executive) from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at The University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Graduate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Certificate in Executive Management and Development from AGSM and Melbourne Business School (MBS).


Mr Begley's achievements include:

  • recipient of 2011 ADC Leadership Award articulating a vision for Australia that redefines its role in global environmental stewardship and sustainable development
  • restructuring of the Industrial Biobased Products area developing new market opportunities resulting in a new set of relationships that have generated revenues above its pre-restructured level
  • commercial leadership of The Crop Biofactories Initiative delivering a portfolio of market orientated projects
  • strategic leadership of CSIRO Biobased Economy strategy, a cross business unit and inter disciplinary concept requiring integration of complex scientific, commercial and public policy issues.

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